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Suzanne Wolf – Director of Project PEACE Foundation, Specialist in Classroom Management, Differentiation, Special Needs, Safety and School Preparedness, National Trainer for Time to Teach in Classroom Management, “The Educator’s Educator” and Co-Author of Room 23 and the Lock-Down Drill.

Suzanne Wolf has been passionate about providing underprivileged communities with resources and opportunities to improve the quality of their lives. She also has enjoyed bridging the gap of communication between Spanish-speaking families and their interactions at school and in the community as well. Suzanne recently had an epiphany after becoming an Associate Trainer for Time to Teach, that there were many highly regarded colleagues with a similar passion to improve the state of our educational system around the nation (and ultimately throughout the world). The concept of “several pieces of a puzzle being necessary to improve the educational picture as a whole”, inspired Suzanne to create the idea of a heart shaped puzzle as the logo for Project PEACE Suzanne is now eager to promote. Project PEACE on a national level to impact classrooms on a grander scale.

John Freeman – Founder of SPIRIT, and it’s Program YEP (Youth Enrichment Program), has worked with children K-12 for 45 years as an Educator, Coach, Mentor and Administrator. He taught at- risk/high risk youth in Kansas City, Missouri. He developed a number of youth programs at the Aurora and Boulder YMCAs where he was the Director of Physical Education and Senior Director; he also served as the Secretary for the National YMCA Board of Directors. He has taught Physical Education, Biology, Health & Mathematics in the Kansas City Public Schools, Colorado Springs (Dist. #2) and the Boulder Valley School Districts. He has served as President of the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless and Interfaith Council, and was on the Developmental Disabilities Board, the Special Transit Board (now Via), and a Commissioner for the Human Relations Commission of the City of Boulder; appropriated city tax dollars to Human Service Agencies of Boulder County.He is currently retired and is working diligently to develop and grow his current YEP Program in Denver, Park Hill District. He’s currently serving on the Broomfield Community Foundation and Broomfield Senior Resources Center Boards, and is looking forward to being a viable resource to the Project PEACE Foundation.

Matt Murray – My love for nature and outdoor activities have been a driving force for getting involved in the sustainability sphere.
After traveling the country and working out of a camper van, heading to explore SE Asia, and living with a group of awesome entrepreneurs in Indonesia- it was time to figure out simple ways to create change. I had seen many of the problems we face but also those working to make to make our planet a better place. One of the biggest things I noticed everywhere I went is there was always plastic pollution and none of it seemed to have anywhere to go. One of the worst contributors was the plastic shopping bag- freely given out and often used for 20 minutes before being throw away. This was the place to start! If we can replace plastic bags and product packaging with compostable alternatives— we can make a huge impact. My hope is that by taking action on this issue is that I will not only help facilitate a change but to create a ripple effect that will inspire others to go out and do something that matters to them. We are all on the same team! Aside from Stardust I enjoy spending my time in the mountains & learning to build sustainable housing.

Stephanie Landree and Jessica Yadon are new partners from Step Denver Driven to Donate Vehicle Program. They are already doing amazing work in the community helping to empower low-income men to overcome the consequences of addiction to rebuild their lives through sobriety, work, and accountability. Every vehicle donated under Project PEACE receives 80% of the proceeds and the other 20% goes to their program! Everybody wins with this great partnership and we are grateful to have them on board!

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